Kermit the Gaga

Just in case you haven't noticed by now, Lady Gaga's fashion sense isn't exactly mainstream. The popartstress wore a gimp mask to an interview in Malta. She strolled around Moscow in a leopard skin leotard which caused her to get nicked for streetwalking, and now she's turned up wearing a Kermit the Frog coat.

Check out photos of Gaga's most crackers garb to date.

Poor old Kermit was multiplied, decapitated and velcroed on for the experimental outfit which Gaga rocked during a recent interview in Germany. When asked about her comedy getup, Gaga gave her trademark excuse for the fashion statement - her whole life is performance, and if that means dressing like a muppet then so be it.....

You've got to give it to Gaga, she'll brave the elements and the roars of laughter for the sake of getting gums flapping. So as an homage to the first lady of nutty garb we've put together a photo gallery featuring some of her craziest getup to date. Which is your favourite? It's a toss up between the bubble wrap dress and the pinhead for us....

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