Ken Lee : fake Mariah Carey still Queen of YouTube

There are some videos on YouTube that never get any less funny no matter how many times you see them - and Fake Mariah Carey is one of them.

The video is a clip of a contestant on the Bulgarian version of Pop Idol. She introduces herself and tells the panel she'll be singing a Mariah Carey song called 'Ken Lee'. 'Don't you mean 'Without You' asks one of the judges? 'No, Ken Lee.' 'Okay, off you go'. 'Ken Leeeeee....tulibo dibo douchou, Ken Leee, Ken Lee meju more'. 'Exactly what language was that?' asks one of the judges at the end. 'Ingless' says fake Mariah without irony.

Half Arabic call to prayer, half Spanish tourist in pain. Tickles us every single time.

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