Kelly threatens to kick Misha B off the X Factor

Kelly Rowland is reportedly threatening to boot her star act Misha B out of the X Factor after the 19-year-old contestant berated members of the show's production team.

According to reports in The Sun, Misha B slated X Factor vocal coach Anne-Marie Speed in front of staff members leaving Rowland incensed with her prima donna-ish behaviour.

The 19-year-old contestant is alleged to have become arrogant towards X Factor staff ever since becoming one of the favourite's to win the show.

'Misha is out of control and Kelly just snapped. She [Kelly] told her [Misha B] that unless she packs it in, she'll be sent packing herself,' an unnamed source told The Sun.

X Factor crew members are reported to have dubbed Misha B the 'diva from hell' amidst claims that the singer has been telling anyone within earshot that she has already won the show.

'Kelly is a lovely woman but when the s*** hits the fan she gets tough - and she got very tough with Misha,' the unnamed source added. Reports suggest that the Destiny's Child singer made the Manchester native apologise to staff members.

Elsewhere the 16 original X Factor finalists have recorded a cover version of Rose Royce's 1978 hit 'Wishing on a Star' which will be released as a charity single in aid of ACT and Children's Hospices UK next month.

Frankie Cocozza told reporters that it was 'a brilliant thing to be doing for a brilliant charity' while Kitty Brucknell added: 'It's incredible to be able to give something back and hopefully help a lot of people.'

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