Kelly Os-gone

Is it just us or did Kelly Osbourne look more fun when she was carrying a few extra pounds? We're all for weight loss and glowing good health, but the young Osbourne seems to have morphed from messy-but-rumbunctious Brummy to Californian beach gal and we're not sure we like it. Here she is posing on the cover of Shape Magazine, in a skimpy bikini (though aren't they all?) It took her a long time to get the point of feeling comfortable enough to pose on a magazine cover in a two piece (Kelly: it would take us a lifetime), but she's chuffed with the results. The Daily Mail gets all emotional, saying:

'She admitted it was the first time she'd ever worn a bikini and revealed she was overcome with tears of joy during the shoot.'

Kelly dropped an admirable 3stone 5lb in her quest for a buffed bod. She credits her stint on Dancing With The Stars, in particular, being under the watchful eye of improbably named dance partner Louis van Amstel. 'He made me eat turkey burgers and salads,' she says in Shape. 'Then I started losing weight and realised, 'Oh, it’s true what they say: Diet and exercise really work!' Er, yes, it does. Note to us: get on next series of Dancing With the Stars.

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