Kelly Osbourne is very happy with her new boyfriend Ricki Hall

  • @hellomag

It seems Kelly Osbourne is officially dating model Ricki Hall. 29 year old Kelly is said to be over the moon to have snagged such a catch and she shared an intimate photo via her Instagram account earlier this month where she and Hall tonguing each other.

Hall has even met Kelly's parents and revealed he was dreading being introduced to Sharon more that Ozzy. He told Heat magazine that "It's terrifying enough meeting your new girlfriend's parents, but imagine them being Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne! I've grown up playing Ozzy's records."

He revealed that the meeting was perfect though and he couldn't have been made to feel anymore welcome. Hall said "They were really welcoming. Ozzy is so cool, so nice. It was surreal. Sharon brought me a cup of tea. It was all so normal. I thought she'd be scary, but she was so lovely."

Just six months ago Kelly announced that her engagement to her at-the-time fiancee Matthew Mosshart had ended and she was looking forward to an exciting year of possibilities. It looks like she is now much happier though dating the hunky bearded Hall.

Kelly has had a busy enough year so far and she even released cosmetic products along with her mum Sharon through a collaboration with MAC cosmetics. She is also continuing to shoot her show Fashion Police for E! Entertainment which is enjoying a very successful run.

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