Kelly comes a cropper...

Kelly Brook is an absolutely cracking looking lady, and seems nice to a fault, but her thespian tastes are a little suspect. The latest Brook vehicle - which we can confidently bet, will not be troubling competitors come Oscar season - is a remake of 70s horror flick Piranha. We imagine it does what it says on the tin. Brook plays a bikini clad reveller, who, judging by the stills, meets a fairly sticky end at the hands/gills of some CGI fish.

Sealing the tackiness of the project, the film also 'stars' Eli Roth, formerly known as a director, and creator of the 'horror porn' genre - now more famous as boyfriend of Peaches Geldof. We've pre-booked our tickets already.

Kelly's last thespian outing was in the play Calender Girls - a show clearly wheeled out to keep D-listers (such as Jill Halfpenny, Gemma Atkinson, Jack Ryder) in constant employment.

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