Kelly Brook: storm in an E cup

Bra company Ultimo may just be our favourite underwear manufacturer of all time, for the simple reason that its boss, Alan Sugar favourite Michelle Mone, is so hilariously fame hungry. Any opportunity and out comes the press release - first it was Peaches being dropped for a one night stand, then another puff piece about Michelle's 'miracle' weight loss. Now it's Mone's anger at Ultimo face/boobs, Kelly Brook getting her kit off for Playboy. Apparently it damages the 'wholesome' image of Ultimo...

A source told The Mirror, 'Kelly is on the brink of being released 18 months early from her contract. It is really sad because, up until this point, the relationship between the two had been brilliant. But boss Michelle Mone is adamant that her models present a wholesome image at all times and she had grave concerns about Playboy, and feels, in just six months, certain terms of her contract have not been met.'

'From Kelly’s side of things, the American mag has had everyone on its cover from Marilyn Monroe to Pamela Anderson, and it is a huge gig for her to have landed. It really is a sign she is about to crack the US and boost her international appeal. Quite simply, it was too good an opportunity.'

Yes Kelly, this is it - your golden ticket to international fame. Stand back Megan Fox. Don't you just love a good PR or 'source' who's willing to spout nonsense on your behalf?

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