Kelly Brook : I want to be a stripper

Kelly Brooke has said that she would like to learn the age old 'art' of stripping off for a crowd.

Busty Kelly told The Sun she'd like to put herself under the tutelage of a real life 'striptease' coach because, “taking your clothes off in a very glamorous way is an art. I’d love to learn. Maybe that’s why burlesque is so fashionable now, and beautiful to watch. It’s fascinating.”

Fascinating it is...and 'fascinating' it would be for most of the male population of Britain to watch Kelly whipping her bra off and shaking her bangers in time to some Bada Bing inspired tuneage. She did come top of a Sun 'best bikini bod' poll afterall.

So will Kelly be practising her strip moves on smugly dressed Euro dad Billy Zane? And what does he think about her getting her knick knacks off for the punters, surely he can't be too happy about sharing his most prized possession girlfriend with the type of folk who trawl knocking shops? We say there'll soon be another break up on the cards!

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