Kelly Brook: every cloud.....

When most people get the chop from a job they've been doing for a total of 6 days, they wouldn't exactly expect much in the way of a payoff. P45 in the post and a firm 'thanks for everything now get outta here' at most. Well not in the world of reality.

Kelly Brook has reportedly received a £200K golden handshake for time served on Britian's Got Talent. Rightful Ruler of The Universe Simon Cowell agreed to the payoff in order to get rid of the model asap having realised she 'didn't fit the bill' almost immediately after hiring her. Doh.

Brook is being comforted at home by ruggers pin-up Danny Cipriani after pocketing exactly £33k a day - as well as a face-saving measure which will still see her appear as a 'guest judge' in a handful of shows. Critics have questioned whether the whole hiring and sacking was one big publicity stunt. Would you accept £200K even it meant being labelled talentless in front of the whole of the UK? We would.

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