Kelly Brook and Billy Zane split

There was always something a bit unconvincing about Kelly Brook and Billy Zane.

The way Billy sometimes wore pink linen slacks in public. The never quite under control chest rug nosing out from tucked in European shirts. Smacked of embarrassing Meditterenean pop with too trendy, gorgeous daughter if you ask us.

Anyway, they've split up.

Since the death of her dad Ken in November, Kelly's realised that at 28 she's too young to get shackled to 42 year old Billy - so has canned their wedding and popped herself back on the single market.

Billy's kicking himself at losing the best catch he ever had - but has done the decent thing and slung his hook from their 1 million pound Kent farmhouse. Tootling back to LA glum and emptyhanded.

Kelly on the other hand is looking forward to picking herself up, dusting herself off, and truffling another older bloke. Give it a week.

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