Kelly Brook and Billy Zane - back together

Sorrrry. Just when we said Billy Zane looked like Kelly Brook's rich, slimy Euro uncle - (and that she'd done well to get rid) - he pops on a pink shirt and some smarmy slacks and flies to London to woo her back.

Zane came from South Africa, where he's making a film, to surprise Kelly with some make-up gifts - chocolates and flowers. He then took her to a Thai restaurant for a slap up dinner where Kelly was said to have 'touched his arm' and 'giggled'. I.e they're back together.

Who cares if Kelly wasn't wearing her engagement ring and hasn't actually announced to any media outlet that Billy Zane is 'the one'. The Sun say he is so it's decided.

Does this mean another 'Three' on the cards?! Why Kelly didn't go for Juan Pablo The Spanish Guy instead of Billy in the first place is still beyond us - have a chuckle at some epic movie making.

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