Kellie Maloney discovering herself on Celebrity Big Brother

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Celebrity Big Brother welcomed this years wave of celebrities into the Big Brother house earlier this week and they include ex-boxing promoter Frank Maloney who is now better known as Kellie. She is joined in the house by stars Gary Busey, Audley Harrison, David McIntosh, Dee Kelly and Frenchy.

Kellie is taking this opportunity to discover more about herself and she has already found herself involved in some deep conversations while in the house with a very revealing conversation taking place between her and Dee Kelly. Kellie admitted to Dee that living as Frank was extremely tough saying that "Frank never cared about anyone" but himself but at the same time she realises that she can't simply disregard Frank from her life saying "part of me will always be Frank".

Maloney was also seen telling Dee just how much hassle it is being a woman compared to her previous life saying "As a guy you haven't got to think about a lot of things, you just got up and got dressed. But Kellie, it was like, do I wear that dress, do I wear that dress, do I look good in that? People don’t realise, it's bloody hard being a woman."

It will be interesting to see the reaction of Big Brother fans to watching Kellie Maloney for an extended period of time. She recently revealed that he was now living as a woman in a tell all interview to the Sunday Mirror. There was a mixed reaction online and Maloney's former boxer Lennox Lewis initially thought that the news was all a joke before saying "I respect Kellie's decision and say that if this is what brings about true happiness in her life, than so be it."

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