Keith Floyd dies aged 65

Legendary TV chef (no, that isn’t necessarily a contradiction in terms) Keith Floyd passed away at his partner’s home in Dorset last night after a heart attack. He was 65 years old.

Floyd became a household name in the 80s as a chef who was as addicted to his wine as he was his food, and would often plonk himself in the most ridiculously hazardous locations – like in the middle of the Scottish countryside in a storm – just to show you how to cook something. He also published a series of big-selling cook books, and was a damn sight more interesting than Delia Smith.

Alcohol was never far away from him however, and in 2004 he was charged with drink driving after crashing his car and failing the breathalyser test. Children of the 80s everywhere will mourn him, while somewhere out there another celebrity must be looking over there shoulder. We all know celebrity deaths come in threes, right?

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