Keith Allen volunteers to take drugs live on TV

Keith Allen, father of pop star Lily, and the warped genius behind England football anthem Vindaloo, has volunteered to take Class A drugs live on Channel 4. Allen, a notorious hellraiser and party animal, seems an obvious candidate for the job.

Allen will appear in Channel 4’s Drugs Live, a show exploring the attractions and dangers of recreational drug use. A source told The Sun: "Keith has a history of drug use and knows very well the highs and lows. He’s agreed to take part because he thinks Channel 4’s show is an important forum for looking at what it means to take drugs — and the effects they have."

If that all sounds very responsible, scientific and worthy, the source rather spoiled it by adding, "He cannot wait to get stuck in. Who knows what’ll happen?"

The programme will air in the autumn and endeavours to be a serious look at the effects of cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy. Participants will be filmed taking controlled substances "under strict medical supervision and in a controlled clinical environment" — while their reactions are filmed.

It seems likely to provoke considerable controversy from the usual arbiters of what is acceptable on British television, something that Channel 4 are no doubt counting on. The Channel 4 exective David Glover said: "This subject is fraught with controversy and confusion. The aim is to bring new clarity to the facts of illegal drug use."

Who knows, Allen might even get a few new song ideas out of the experience.

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