Keira causes old lady stampede

Keira Knightley sure seems popular with the elderly in America; the British star caused a kerfuffle when she met the crowds waiting to catch a glimpse before she was interviewed by Jon Stewart for 'The Daily Show'. Unfortunately a cluster of zealous OAPs caused the crash barriers to fall, and poor Keira had to be rushed into a waiting limo.

Talking about her new film 'Last Night', the actress desribed the horror she felt at being asked to 'play herself' which she found 'terrifying.' Keira elaborated, That’s the last thing any actor wants to hear but the director happens to be one of my best friends. So she was just like 'do that thing that you do' and I was like 'no, please don’t make me do that'. But I did it in the end.'

Er, can anyone explain to us what 'that thing you do' might be? Answers on a postcard please...

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