Keifer Sutherland nuts innocent designer

Keifer Sutherland has played Jack Bauer from 24 for so long that it's only normal that every now and then he forgets to get out of character. Well the confusion got too much recently, when Keifer, thinking he was Jack went and nutted someone at the MET Costume Gala. Sources say that Sutherland became enraged after seeing designer Jack McCollough push Brooke Shields. McCollough then refused to apologise even when Bauer asked him nicely and a scuffle ensued ending in Keifer headbutting the designer and McCollough being treated for 'lacerations.'

However it might not be the simple case of television hero defending model that it looks. McCollough later claimed that the scrap "wasn't even over anything . . . he (Keifer) was just roiling drunk and looking for something to smack. It didn't matter what. He pulled this stupid wrestling move like a teenager."

Brooke Shields has also denied that she was pushed by anyone that evening. "It's not clear what caused Kiefer to do what he did" said her spokesperson. The plot thickens.

Well let's hope it doesn't thicken so much that Keifer has to skip filming due to jailtime (although granted, he probably deserves it.) Keifer's last brush with the law (DUI) resulted in him banged up for 48 days straight - luckily filming for 24 was on a scheduled break. Phew.

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