Keep it up people, keep it up

Even though she knew exactly what she was getting herself into before she entered, Katie Price is threatening to walk out of 'I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Outta Here' after the excellent British public have voted her to do the last three bushtucker trials.

‘I'm really happy with what I've got (9 stars)’ said the 31 year divorcee of three after her latest humiliation test, ‘I'm absolutely ready to leave camp. I've had enough. I miss my children. I'm hungry. I want a nice bed and I don't want to have to put myself through these horrible challenges. I don't like it.'

Referring to why the people at home keep voting her to do the trials she said; ‘I think the public want to give me a bad time. You can't take it personally even though it's hard not to. They've seen me battered for the last three or four days. Let someone else have a go!’

'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Outta Here' returns tonight on ITV1 at 9pm. Keep voting people!

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