Kebab shop strop at 'slag' Jordan

Jordan might not exactly be bothered that she’s hardly the most popular of women out there at the moment, what with her rolling around in a field with her new chap while her kids wondered where daddy was (probably fine/tuning that ‘dignified’ look his publicists advised him on), but even she doesn’t deserve being publicly abused in a kebab shop, right?

Shame then, that one of Brighton’s many drunks decided to lurch towards her while she grabbed a kebab and chips with her new bloke Alex Reid, shout a torrent of abuse at her and hold up a sign that simply read ‘you are a slag’. No way on whether she had chili sauce, mind you.

‘Katie was being served her kebab and chips,’ said a rubber-necker to The Mirror. ‘Then this woman started shouting, “There’s Jordan! It’s Jordan! I’m going to tell her she’s a ****ing slag”. She held up a crude sign and Alex had to keep her away from Katie.’

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