Kebab Katona

Kerry Katona has to be one of the most pleasant, talented, loved, beautiful, appreciated, grounded people to ever grace UK goggle boxes. She is a national institution and a role model for children, respected by her peers, and adored by her huge fan base. No, hang on, we’re thinking of Myleene Klass. Anyway, things seem to be looking up for the one time face of frozen food specialists Iceland: she's about to open her own kebab shop.

According to The Sun, the bankrupted kebab loving divorcee wants to have a crack at running her own business. The newspaper quotes a friend as saying she wants to run a bab shop because ‘she is always pictured chomping on a kebab and wants to cash in on that image.’ (Good thinking.)

‘She wants to find a 'sound small business', which she can run for the rest of her life. Her favourite idea is a fast food joint’, added the friend. Apparently Kerry is choosing between a kebab shop and a deli shop, and may opt for the later because the ‘the hours are better’.

Jeez, you couldn't make this stuff up, could you?

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