Katy's got the X Factor

Katy Perry is certainly on the up and up: she’s barely out of the tabloids, her music shifts units and she’s managed to tame one of London’s most notorious shaggers. So it should hardly come as a surprise that she's managed to blag herself a reported £220,000 a show in a pay-as-you-play contract to be a judge on the American version of X Factor.

By all accounts Simon Cowell fell in love with the California girl when she was on the panel for the auditions in Dublin that he decided to offer her the megabucks deal before the show had even aired. Nice work if you can get it.

‘Simon wants to get the judging names signed, sealed and announced within six weeks,' said a source to the Mirror. 'He wants at least one massive American star, someone who is known globally, plus one Brit and at least one authoritative male.

‘Jennifer Lopez was a serious consideration as was, weirdly, her husband Marc Anthony. Mariah Carey’s other half, Nick Cannon, is also in the frame. But Katy really came on Simon’s radar after the Dublin auditions. She absolutely nailed it. She was a natural. All the recent hoo-ha forced his hand slightly and he decided to offer her the gig and gauge her response.

‘Katy was thrilled, especially by the package which is said to be a £220,000-a-show deal. She has agreed to meet Simon and studio bosses in the States this autumn to see if something can be done.’

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