Katy Perry’s own brand

West Ham United FC are cashing in on Katy Perry’s recent MTV Awards appearance where she was dressed in a basque with the team’s badges above her nipples, by selling replicas of the sassy lingerie.

Perry presented the Berlin ceremony on November 5 and, in tribute to her much publicized relationship with West Ham fan Russell Brand, the American songstress had a custom–made outfit, which included the name 'Rusty' on her hot pants made from three different homestrips.

The little claret and blue number was created by celeb fashion designer Siobhan Dillon after she was asked by the cherry chapstick to make something for the event.

"I thought it would be cool to try and make the shirt as football-oriented as possible," said Dillon. "So, I used the collars along the top of the brassiere and used the two badges on the front. It was made entirely from the three shirts, but we had to take the Airtex out and replace it with some lining."

If you were thinking of buying one for your mum for Christmas, be warned; they're £300 each.

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