Katy Perry kissed Russell Brand and liked it?

Celebrity swordsman Russell Brand is reported to have added a Katy Perry shaped notch to his bedpost. According to The Sun the stand up has just got back from a secret vacation in Thailand with the Kissed A Girl singer.

Brand is said to have wooed Perry with romantic poetry after the couple shared an intimate moment during last month's MTV Video Awards. Perry in turn is reported to have returned the comic's advances by sending him a photo of her chesticles with the word 'poem' written across them.

The 24-year-old singer revealed details of the fling via her Twitter account describing to her time in Thailand as 'magical'. Moreover, an unnamed source told the tabloid that the singer has fallen head over heels for the love muscle.

'Despite his reputation, Katy thinks Russell is so charming she just wants to give things a go with him', the mystery voice said. 'She thinks he is hilarious and incredibly sexy.'

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