Katy Perry gets pixelated

Russell Brand can cheer himself with the news that although he may have separated from Katy Perry, he can now see a virtual simulation of his estranged wife on his computer. Actually, on second thoughts, that might not cheer him up that much...

Perry has signed a deal with the games software company Electronic Arts to appear in the company’s series of games under The Sims franchise. Perry will also be used in advertising campaigns to promote the games.

"I always like to think of myself as a cartoon, and now I'm a Sim," Perry said. Part of the attraction for the singer was the opportunity to create her own range of accessories, clothing, hairstyles, furniture and props for the Sim games.

It’s the sort of artist and media deal that will increasingly be the main source of income for musicians, with record sales decreasing. "Today marks the start of the most integrated and exciting collaboration with any artist in the history of The Sims," said Steve Schnur of Electronic Arts. "No performer could better represent the humour and fun of The Sims brand."

Perry’s first job as the company’s pixelated corporate image will be the launch of a collector's edition of The Sims 3 Showtime this March. The promise is that characters can become "singers, acrobats and magicians, or even moonlight as a DJ".

No details on whether they can be melancholy long-haired English comedians who look a bit like pirates and have a fondness for West Ham United.

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