Katy Perry for X Factor?

With Simon Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent presently being eclipsed by the BBC’s The Voice on Saturday nights, he probably can’t wait for the return of his true love. No, not Sinitta, or even Dannii Minogue, but X Factor.

Auditions for the ninth series will begin in Cardiff on May 15, but at present Cowell is wondering who will replace Kelly Rowland as a judge after the Destiny’s Child singer left the show.

Leading the rumoured list of contenders is Katy Perry, who would be expensive but an undeniable coup. Big mouth Louis Walsh let slip to the Irish Herald that there was already a shortlist of preferred candidates headed by Perry and Nicole Scherzinger. Other possibilities include Mel B, Anastasia and Sharon Osbourne (although that seems unlikely given her recent very personal comments about Cowell’s anatomy).

"These are the five people that they’re looking in terms of a replacement for Kelly," Walsh claimed. "I’ve worked with Nicole and Katy before and I would love to work with them again, they were fantastic. Mel B has done the X Factor Australia and could easily do it in Britain as she knows the format so well. Anastasia has sold millions of records and is a big star and I would give anything to work with Sharon again."

Confirmed judges alongside Walsh are Gary Barlow and Tulisa Contostavlos. Some papers are also suggesting that Dannii Minogue could be in the running. That would be an intriguing development, given the revelations in Tom Bower’s recent biography that Cowell had a fling with the Australian singer during her last stint on the show.

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