Katy Perry does more than just kiss girls....

Now this isn't what you want to read while eating your cornflakes...but anyway. Katy Perry once flashed her front bum at Lady Sovereign.

Apparently the pair were at a wild party when Perry, dressed in nothing but an oversized t shirt, gave revellers an eyeful.

A scarred Lady Sovereign reminisced: 'I've seen parts of Katy Perry I shouldn't have seen. At one of her afterparties she put her pyjamas on and I don't think she was wearing anything underneath. It was like a long t-shirt kind of thing. The party was out of control. Just a thing in her hotel room, but yeah I saw something I shouldn't have seen.'

Let's hope Katy Perry isn't the embarrassed type or she'll be blushing all the way to the trouser pyjama shop after this. Although something tells us she won't.....

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