Katy Perry: Brand is like Jesus

Katy Perry seems determined to go one better than the Beatles. While the superband described themselves as 'bigger than Jesus', Katy has gathered a veritable smorgasbord of icons to compare with her beau Brand.

According to Perez Hilton Perry gushed: 'Love has really affected [my songwriting]. I know how to handle a man now. So it's talking about the love rather than, you know, being annoyed with boys. He's like Jim Morrison meets Charles Manson meets Jesus meets a little bit of Elvis. He's a walking genius. Just standing next to him makes me smarter. He's good for me. He's not a pussy in any way, shape or form. He's the boss; he calls the shots. But I like that. I've been waiting for someone I couldn't steamroll.'

While we agree that the ex presenter of Big Brother's Big Mouth is a witty and urbane fellow, we take serious issue with the 'walking genius' tag. What happened to adjectives like 'nice' and 'affable', eh? These Hollywoodtypes...

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