Katy extends her world tour

When Katy Perry and Russell Brand got hitched, the pair vowed to always make time for each other, despite the fact that Katy had a world tour to get through, and Russell was filming. Well, it now appears that Perry might rather enjoy the distance and freedom from her newly minted husband, as she has just extended her tour, meaning even more time away from Russell.

A source told The Daily Mail,'Katy has only four days off until the end of September, when she’s in Brazil. She hopes Russell will join her but isn’t sure whether he will be allowed entry because of his criminal record. She is taking a few days off for their first anniversary in October which they plan to celebrate in the UK.’

Perry told an interviewer that cats come first in her affections, 'I miss my kitties. One time I asked Russell to bring the cats with him so we could all hang out. Putting a cat on a plane is strange, but I always make sure it’s in first class.'

It's all about priorities, you see...

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