Katy and Russell deny split rumours

While rumours have been swirling ever since, ooh, the day they got married actually, that Katy Perry and Russell Brand were close to splitting, the pair have taken to twitter to assure their fans and quieten the naysayers that they are still together and happily ensconsed. The gossip machine went into overdrive after Katy extended her world tour for another three months, meaning that she'll be away from Russell until December. That's an awful lot of skyping...

Katy tweeted, 'Just cause we don't flaunt our relationship doesn't mean there's something wrong w/it. Privacy is our luxury. #tabloidsrtrash #gossipisgross.' While Russell responded, 'You tell em Mrs Brand! In Britain we're currently dismantling the scum media so I'm not tuned in to their brain-farting' - a reference to the current News of the World hacking shenanigans.

However, in an example of 'gossip is gross' a source told Heat magazine that the couple were close to splitting. Perry apparently told the friend, 'We're thinking of taking a break from our marriage. I'm worried it could be the end of the road for us.' In an interview with Piers Morgan, Russell said, 'I take it one step at a time - like with drugs, like with alcohol. Don't look at things as in 'rest of life'. Of course marriage is for life and that's what I wanted but anything for the rest of life can be daunting.'

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