Katona spills the beans

Karry Katona has been very quiet of late, which can only be a good thing - if she was still being all Katona-ish (ie appearing on telly slurring her words and being papped snorting cocaine) the tabloids would be straight onto it. Kerry looks healthy and happy, but has admitted that she took so many drugs in the past, that she's lucky to be alive.

Kerry, speaking in her latest ITV2 reality documentary, said, 'If I'd stayed with Mark I would have been dead. The next time you'd have seen me would have been at my funeral. I'd go OTT on the drugs, hope that he would go, 'Kerry, stop, that's enough,' but he didn't. 'I needed someone to stop me and I was trying to push Mark to prove how much he loved me by saying, 'Look Kerry, you've got f****** kids out there.' I knew that I was doing wrong.

Kerry eventually left her husband Mark, but by that time he's spent all her cash, and she was declared bankrupt. Now, that's what we call having bad taste in men...

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