Katona and Price at war

It's been a while since Katona and Price have locked horns, so we're pleased to bring a despatch from the front line of celeb, where the gruesome pair have engaged in a spat - conducted of course, via the medium of Kerry's weekly column.

According to The Mirror, Katie was miffed that Katona - a renowned marriage expert, estimated that the Price/Reid union would 'only last a year'. Katie's friend hit back, saying, 'Kerry should stop worrying about what Kate and Alex are up to and start focusing on what she is doing herself. She doesn't know what she's talking about and her opinions are well wide of the mark. She should focus on her own career!'

If we were Katona, we'd be incredibly flattered that being pictured by the paps in unusual attire, marrying a wrong'un, and claiming to be in love with Peter Andre, could be described as a 'career'...

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