Katie's exes cost £2m in one year

Katie Price will have to pay out a whopping £2m to her exes this year.

The glamour-model-turned-author (ahem!) has had a string of high profile relationships, including an 11 month marriage to cage fighter Alex Reid and a three-and-a-half year marriage to Australian singer Peter Andre.

According to Closer magazine, she said: "I’ve been taken for a ride, I feel like such a fool. My exes are bleeding me dry. I’ve been such a sucker – I’ve loved them all and they’ve just used me like this."

The biggest single payment will go to Alex Reid, who will receive £1m in a divorce settlement. To rub salt in the wound, Reid has just announced that he is expecting a child with girlfriend Chantelle Houghton. While they were together, Price and Reid had publicly stated that they were trying for a baby but having fertility problems.

It is believed that Price also pays £15,000 per month in maintenance to Peter Andre, with whom she has two children. Two years ago Andre reputedly received £6m from Price in a divorce settlement.

The glamour star doesn't seem to have learnt her lesson, shelling out an estimated £300,000 on her last boyfriend, Argentine model Leandro Penna.

A friend told Closer: "Jordan’s fuming after meeting up with her advisers last week, it was so humiliating for her to learn what a mug she’s been.

“She feels like she’s really had her fingers burnt with Pete, Alex and Leo. But she’s just so insecure when it comes to men that she feels she has to splash the cash to get them to love her."

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