Katie's baby woes

Katie Price must now bitterly regret her statements to the press about 'Project Reidination', and her wish to have millions of babies with Alex Reid. The celebrity has revealed in her new book, 'You only live once' (no comment), that she has struggled to get pregnant and has undergone IVF treatment, which also failed to work.

Katie told The Mirror, 'After marrying Alex I had only one thing on my mind - having another baby. I'd love to have another four, in fact. But by April 2010, after we had been trying for eight months, I became so worried we made an appointment with a fertility doctor. The doctor said we should continue to try for a baby naturally for another year. But I wasn't convinced. I knew my body very well. I knew how quickly I usually got pregnant and felt we needed to help things along. Neither of us was getting any younger.'

Katie continued, 'I know I'm lucky to have three beautiful children. While Alex doesn't yet have a biological child, he is still part of a family with kids. I am sure we'll have a baby together one day. If we aren't successful in our attempts then we will adopt.'

Does anyone get the feeling that the finger of blame is being firmly pointed in one direction, towards a certain orange-hued cagefighter?

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