Katie the cut-price Princess Di

The People's Princess Katie Price has had her death fortold in a dream and believes that she will die a la Lady Di. Pointless headline grabbing statements from Pricey? Now that's something we rarely see.

According to The Daily Mail, Katie said: 'It wouldn't surprise me if it's a car crash, I always say that. Sometimes I think it might be a Diana moment because of the way the press chase me outside my house and try and run me off the road.'

'Shortly afterwards, I considered killing myself after Peter threatened to leave when I told him I'd taken a drug. Thinking I didn't have Pete any more, I was distraught and desperate. What am I going to do? I've ruined everything. I seriously thought, shall I just end it now? Eventually, I had to spend some time at the Priory. I went along to speak to the doctor there. I got everything off my chest.'

Glad to see Katie's sense of humour is intact with her last comment.

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