Katie settles for lower Price

Model Katie Price was so desperate to get rid of her jinxed ‘misery mansion’ where her last two marriages ended that she accepted £250,000 below the £3m asking price, the mirror reports.

Eager to ensure a fresh start for her life with new beau Leandro Penna, Price was set on moving out of the renovated retirement house in Surrey which she bought with Peter Andre in 2008. A source told the paper, ‘Kate agreed on a lower fee just to get rid of it. She doesn't have happy memories of living there now so she's just glad to be shot of it. She lived there with Peter and Alex and both relationships ended in disaster. It was like the place was cursed.’

The model bought the property for £2.1million and spent over £650,000 on improvements but was apparently willing to settle for a much lower offer than the official asking price so that she can move into a new house in West Sussex with Leandro and her kids.

Meanwhile Penna is showing his commitment not only by having Price’s name and the date they met tattooed on his ankle, but by selling his own home in Buenos Aires to move over here. ‘He is literally homeless without me now,’ Price said. ‘He's sold up in Argentina. I really do love him and can't believe I've fallen this quickly for somebody.’ The things you do for love, eh?

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