Katie pulls out of London marathon

Katie Price has become a bit of a marathon veteran in recent years, overcoming the sporting burden of having a giant pair of knockers, she has competed in races up and down the land. So it is tragic news indeed, that the orange-hued celeb has decided not to compete in this weekend's London marathon, citing 'possible injury' on her sick note.

Katie announced the tragic news on her website, saying, 'It is with great regret that I have had to pull out of this year’s London Marathon. I’ve been training really hard I have done everything I can to get over the injury, but my physiotherapist has said that I should pull out to avoid any long-term damage.'

She/ a minion continued,'I hope those that have agreed to sponsor me will agree to their donation still going to the very worthwhile charities. But anyone who does want their donation returned should contact me through my website www.katieprice.co.uk. I intend to double all the donations that are not returned?' We're not sure why this is phrased as a question, perhaps Price is getting all Valley-girl these days...

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