What is Katie Price's net worth?

Katie Price has been in the public eye since she was 18 years old. Back then she was known as Jordan, and her most famous features were plastered all over page 3 of The Sun on a regular basis. Now 24 years later, most people know her as Katie Price, and they're never sure what she's famous for. She writes books, appears on TV shows like Celebrity Big Brother, which she won in 2015, and nine seasons of Katie & Peter with her ex Peter Andre, and makes music, and has her own clothing range. She's got a lot of business interests and isn't afraid to market herself, so we're expecting her to be worth a lot of money now.

£45 million

She used to be worth £45 million. Money from fashion, modelling, TV appearances and writing made her a multimillionaire. Like other celebs, Katie Price splashed the cash on a massive mansion. She gave up her West Sussex pad known as 'mucky mansion' when she declared bankruptcy in 2019. She lost the £1.3million 11-bedroom mansion to creditors and had to move into rented accommodation when she failed to keep up with repayments against £800,000 of debt. She must miss the use of the swimming pool, tennis court and horse stables, but she kept on spending above her means and continues to do so according to the bankruptcy proceedings.

Where did her money go?

She took out a second mortgage against her property in 2015 that left her with a £12,300 per month bill. That accounts for £100,000 of the £800,00 she still owes lenders. She spent £120,000 on housekeepers and nannies and gardeners, and she spent £25,000 a year on plastic surgery. Her beauty regime also accounted for £1,500 losses per week for manicures and pedicures, and when she got her hair cut, she never spent less than £1,000. According to the Daily Mail, she also spent £800 on massages.


In recent years, her only source of income came from her Quest Red TV My Crazy Life and whatever she could make from her YouTube channel and the 242K subscribers she relies on to watch her Vlogs. She also earned a few bucks for plugging products on Instagram. All that's a far cry from the TV shows she used to feature on regularly, her perfume range that was launched in 2007, and the income she generated by selling 3 million novels back in the early 2000s. According to the bankruptcy court hearing, she earns £45,000 a month. That's more than half a million a year. A lot of money by anyone's standard, but chump change when you compare it to the sort of money she used to earn. At the moment, her bankruptcy means that her net worth is just about the same any you or I – a few thousand at best.

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