Katie Price names rapist to TV crew

The altogether grim story of Katie Price’s alleged rape and rapist is rumbling on – this time with the news that she told the TV crew on her new reality show who he is. Lawyers on What Katie Did Next have reacted in the way you would, filling their pants with fear and banning his identity from being broadcast.

Making things even more complicated is Price’s decision to call up The Wright Stuff – the show which outed John Leslie all those years ago – to say that she will not name the attacker, using the unfortunate turn of phrase ‘I don't want to go into it. I take it on the chin’ in the process.

‘There is a three-line whip here,’ said a source at the show. ‘A handful of people know who it is but they are absolutely not allowed to even tell their loved ones. They're petrified they could get caught up in it like Matthew Wright was over Ulrika and John Leslie.

‘It happened when she was in her early twenties as she was getting started on her glamour career,’ said a family friend yesterday. ‘He was and is quite famous but is less well known than he was ten years ago. She was too scared to go to police at the time but has never forgotten or forgiven. Katie knows what she has said will have repercussions. But she doesn't want to be seen as the next Ulrika Jonsson.’

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