Katie Price blasts Peter Andre - again

Katie Price has hit out at her estranged husband Peter Andre claiming that he was wrong to criticize her for publicly talking about their split.

The former glamour model made the comments in an interview with Now magazine where she says that Andre is set to use their failed relationship as inspiration for his forthcoming album.

"People are expecting me to be on a bench crying, but I can't sit and dwell on the fact that I've been dumped," Price said. "I did my one in-depth interview with Piers Morgan. I didn't slag Pete off, I just said what I had to say."

"But as for Pete saying he's never talking about what happened, well, that's wrong. He's talking all about it on his album." The big breasted reality star added: "Lots of people have been asking me about Pete's new album and it's made me question it, too."

"Now I'm thinking, 'Was all this planned?' The album talks about how unhappy he is, how we're splitting, how this glamour girl goes off."

"If he was still with me and we were still doing our TV show as a happy couple, how would he have been promoting his album? I'm not saying it to be horrible to Pete, but it's real."

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