Katie Price admired by Amis

Glamour model, author, businesswoman – Katie Price has never been one to restrict her talents. Now, it is emerged that she is an inspiration to one of Britain’s foremost literary novelists, Martin Amis.

Amis told The Guardian that he used Price’s autobiographies as research material when writing his latest broad-brush satire Lionel Asbo. "I was rather impressed by them," Amis said. "The books have the merit of candour and honesty." Asked if they had literary merit, Amis demurred. "That would be pushing it," he said.

Their sales figures will be substantially more impressive than those of Amis’s new novel, which has already met with some critical derision for its depictions of a criminal underclass. It’s the story of pit-bull owner and casual thug Lionel who wins £100 million on the lottery.

"I have been a Sun reader for 30 years," Amis said. "I am only interested in extremes – the one absentee from my novels is the middle class – I never write about them, I always write about the criminal class, the low-life class, and the very privileged, and I know that world and all my life I have had connections with that world."

The somewhat bizarre interview also found Amis reminiscing about visiting a friend in every prison in London, claiming that "being farmed out to a working-class family in Wales” as a child gave him an insight into low-lifes. He also said he had a friend who would tip him off when criminals were dining in a certain restaurant, so Amis could drop in and gather material.

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