Katie Price: a selfless lady

Blushing bride-to-be Katie Price is a generous girl; despite the fact that she is rumoured to be pregnant, and is off the booze and the botox, she paid for her closest pals to be injected with botulism, to give them that sought after paralyed brow, just in time for Katie's wedding day.

Katie wants to wait to share the good news about 'Project Reidination', due to her strong feelings about the sanctity of marriage and 'tradition'. A source told The Sun, 'Katie wants to wait until after they are married because she feels it is more traditional. She is thinking about announcing it in her wedding speech or she might wait if it is going to overshadow their day.'

It is also rumoured that, as well as announcing her pregnancy, Pricey will also perform her debut single. It really will be an unforgettable day...

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