Katie on the edge

That Katie Price is a capricious one and make no mistake. No sooner has she locked her ex-husband, Alex Reid out of their (no doubt) pink sequined house, and issued the divorce papers, she has now decided to play the jealous card - apparently fuming at the thought that our Al might be out a'seducin' and a'debauchin' after his evening at the Brits.

At a swanky after-party in Soho following the Brits, an eagle-eared source heard Alex complain, 'She's trying to keep constant tabs on me but she's allowed to go out whenever she wants. She asked if she was going to be reading about me having sex with someone. It's crazy.'

Another pal of Alex told The Sun, 'Katie's on the edge. First she sacked her closest aide then turned on Alex when he dared to leave her at home.' Yet another 'source' (jeez, can't they just call a press conference?) told the paper, 'Hannah would never have done anything to jeopardise her position.' Hmmm, the plot thickens...

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