Katie 'made my life hell'

In these tabloid obsessed times, you're not a bone-fide celeb until an ex has sold his story about your terrible relationship, making you sound as psychotic as possible. And so it's proved for Katie Waisel, who has been getting more than her fair share of rubbish headlines. Her ex boyfriend, Gareth Russell, has told that she apparently drove him to the brink of suicide with taunts about his weight, appearance and er, 'northerness'.

The Daily Mail, 'She'd call me overweight, fat slob, a fat b*stard, a waste of space. She'd complain that I was 'too Northern' and dressed like 'Northern riff-raff'. this went on pretty much every day.' Her ex also revealed that she used to ridicule XFactor, 'She always slated it. She'd say 'Why are you watching this rubbish? They're all wasters.' she called them 'a joke'. And she'd say the judges didn't know what they were talking about.'

Sounds like Katie may have some explaining to do...

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