'Katie is mentally unfit'

The usually amusing feud between Peter Andre and Katie Price has taken a recent turn for the serious, after their daughter 'Princess' burnt her arm in a mysterious accident. Andre has now claimed that Price is an unfit mother, and is suing for custody of both Princess, and son Junior.

A source told The Sun, 'Peter thinks she is mentally unfit to be in charge of children. He wants full custody, even if temporary, until she sorts out her car crash of a life.'

Katie hit back at the claims, saying, 'I don’t want to say any more about Princess's burn, or the News of the World’s claim that it is a ‘bad’ burn. Shamefully someone has contacted the police about this and I have co-operated fully and provided evidence of just how minor this incident really was. I am deeply saddened that it would appear my ex-husband would deliberately choose to ring me and make a fuss about a minor injury to Princess and allow it to be filmed and recorded for his TV show.'

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