Katie Hopkins denies gatecrashing LGBT awards after being invited

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Katie Hopkins has been forced to deny that she gatecrashed the LGBT awards after she was asked to leave by organisers. Confusion arose as to how she ended up at the ceremony at all but it turns organisers , despite apologising for her presence, actually invited her.

After a number of complaints from dozens of guests, organisers asked Hopkins to leave and she refused to oblige. She has since made it explicitly clear that she was not gatecrashing and has even gone so far as showing her physical invite to a newspaper.

A statement from organisers of the event explained the matter saying "Once inside there were complaints so we asked her to leave but she refused stating she was there as she supported the LGBT community. We made a decision that it would cause too much fuss to have her forcibly evicted as she was already seated."

Hopkins said "I went along as an invited guest, and worked hard to engage with supporters, detractors and sponsors of the event. I had a lovely evening and encourage British LGBT Awards to focus on their achievements. I was there as part of the crowd, not the talking point."

Organisers were forced to apologise for her presence and said "As organisers of the British LGBT awards we would like to apologise to all for allowing Katie Hopkins to enter our awards." BBC chat show host Graham Norton summed up many people's feeling on her being there by saying "If I'd known she was coming I wouldn't have been here. She shouldn't be here, because tonight is about equality, inclusion, acceptance and allies. She does not fit into any of those categories."

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