Katie Hopkins could face jail time over insensitive tweets

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Outspoken TV personality Katie Hopkins could be facing jail time after she was reported to police this week for "inciting racial hatred". Labour MP Simon Danczuk filed a report with Greater Manchester Police Commissioner Tony Lloyd relating to a tweet Hopkins sent to him after a Pakistani flag raising event he recently attended in honour of National Pakistan Day.

Danczuk tweeted about being in the company of friends at the event saying "Pakistan flag raising in #Rochdale today. Lovely occasion. Here with Mr Darr & Hafiz Ikram - good friends." along with a picture of him with the two men. Hopkins quickly responded to his tweet with a picture of 8 convicted men with histories of child exploitation offences along with the message "Are these your friends too @SimonDanczuk? Is this why you are raising the Pakistani flag in Rochdale? 77 years inside".

Danczuk explained his decision to report Hopkins saying "The letter is me asking the Police Commissioner to investigate whether a crime has been committed in relation to Katie Hopkins. It is not right that somebody who has little to do with Rochdale incited hatred of this kind." He also had a dig at Hopkins' limelight-seeking behaviour adding "We don’t need outsiders like Katie Hopkins to come in and cause trouble just for the sake of causing trouble and creating Sun headlines."

A petition on Change.org is just a few thousand signatures short of a 35,000 target to get Hopkins arrested over previous racially offensive comments. The punishment for anybody found guilty of inciting racial hatred is a minimum of 6 months in jail so the last thing Hopkins will want is for this complaint to land her in court.

Hopkins is synonymous with inciting huge reactions on Twitter with her over the top comments. Last year she stuck the boot into possible Scottish independence by criticising the state of the Scottish NHS after an ebola case along with a series of anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian tweets throughout the year.

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