Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce

Celebrated Hollywood actor and actress Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are set to divorce after a little more than five years of marriage. This comes after Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise on June 28 in New York. According to official documents, the 33-year-old actress filed for divorce in New York while Cruise was shooting his new film, Oblivion, in Iceland.

Speculation is that the celebrity couple might be ending their five year marriage due in part to Cruise’s commitment to the controversial Church of Scientology. According to reports by some tabloids, Holmes accepted Cruise’s involvement with Scientology but she’d become increasingly worried how it might eventually affect daughter Suri. Referring to Cruise's commitment to Scientology, a source close to Holmes said:

"It was something she accepted and put up with for many years because it was important to Tom and for that reason important to her. But, over the past year, they had started to see things differently and she was beginning to pull away."

Holmes has hired New York attorney Allen E. Mayefsky and divorce layer Jonathan Wolfe from New Jersey to represent her. Reports indicate she might be seeking sole custody of six year old daughter Suri. In a statement to the public on the impending divorce, Holmes' attorney said: "This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family. Katie's primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter's best interest."

Meanwhile, Cruise's lawyer, Bert Fields, said of the impending divorce: "Tom is deeply saddened." Fields went on to express his hopes for the divorce proceedings, “I would hope that it's not a contentious matter. I know Tom is not a particularly contentious person."

However, sources claim 50-year old Tom, who incidentally has two other children with former wife Nicole Kidman, 17-year-old Connor and 19-year-old Isabella, will be filing his own divorce papers in California where their main family home is located. He wants the divorce proceeding conducted in California and not New York because Californian courts are more likely to grant joint custody of daughter Suri.

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