Katie Holmes orders Tom Cruise's family out of house

Mother in laws are one of those annoying but necessary evils. Well imagine not only living with the mother in law, but also your three sister in laws, their kids, and your husband's other kids from his first marriage. Oh and they're all raving scientologists!

That's right, poor Katie Holmes has been living in the the thick of lunacy ever since marrying The Cruise Missile. Tom enjoys living as a 'prince amongst his handmaidens' and has insisted on living with his mum and all three of his toothsome sisters ever since Nicole Kidman ditched him.

Katie originally faked at being fine with the big happy 'family reunion every day' but the constant witchery has taken it's toll and she's now ordered the family circus out of the house. "Tom agreed things needed to be different - he assured Katie that they would not be moving in with them” said a source (In Touch Weekly).

TomKat live in an absurdly expensive mansion in Beverly Hills which Tom has rigged up with every security camera known to man so Katie can never escape - but at least now she won't have a 'family SWAT' team on her trail as she mopes the long lonely corridors of the prison. The extended family have since moved into a 'duplex' (whatever that is) in a nearby Scientology centre.

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