Katie goes AWOL

Celebrity's most complicated member, Katie Price, was due to go under the microscope at the Edinburgh Festival, getting quizzed by an eminent psychologist about her mental make-up. Scary stuff - but this is Pricey, surely she'd be up to the challenge? It appears not, as Katie has done a runner, citing that classic catch-all excuse 'unforeseen circumstances' - hangover? Pregnancy? Dodgy moules frites?

The psychologist in question, Pamela Stephenson (who just happens to be married to our own Billy Connolly) told The Mirror , 'I'm just really worried about her. I hope she's alright. I'm sure she's very professional and wouldn't pull out unless there was something very wrong. I was very much looking forward to talking to her so I'm disappointed she's not here. Touch wood, she's alright. I think something might be very wrong.'

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