Katie and Alex: For worse and worse

Poor old Alex Reid has moved out of casa Jordan and back in with his folks after a series of blistering rows with wifey Pricey. The source of the restentment is apparently Price's continuing obsession with the looming orange spectre of ex-husband Peter Andre.

According to The Mirror, Alex shouted, 'Damn, Katie, I can only take so much. Unless things change, this will end up like you and Peter Andre.' A friend of the pair said,'Their rows start off as petty ­arguments. Often this will be her ­refusing to listen to him or caring at all about his opinion. But then they escalate into full-blown rows which more than often stray onto the subject of Pete.'

'Alex says she just can’t seem to let go. She’s infatuated by every tiny ­precise detail about him in every newspaper and magazine. What’s he doing? Where’s he staying? Who’s he with? He just wants her to accept it’s over and realise she has to move on. Let it go. Alex isn’t a sulker, he doesn’t like arguing. He just says his piece and moves on. But Katie won’t stop and just snipes at him.'

Hmm, could this be phase 1 - operation reunite Andre and Price?

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