Kate's wedding bender

Not to be outdone by the Royal wedding two weeks ago, Kate Moss is planning the marital bash to end all marital bashes. Kate has decided to throw a three day extravaganza in her back garden, complete with bands, DJs, and non-stop booze.

A pal told The Sun, 'Kate wants it to be a party to remember and like a small festival. She doesn't want her guests to leave for days so she's making sure there is plenty of food and entertainment. It's a no-expense-spared do - though most of her budget will probably go on booze.'

According to the paper, the model has also drafted in her favourite record spinner, 'Kate has also sorted her wedding DJ - Kevin O'Leary, who played several of her birthday parties in recent years. Two top chefs will be on hand for the food and an army of waiters will serve up the sausage rolls and breadsticks.'

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